Staying Healthy in Puslinch: Pilates at the Badenoch Community Centre

yoga, Pilates Pilates classes at the Badenoch Community Centre (4217 Watson Road S.) are about to start their 12th season on Wed. Sept. 9, 2015. They are led by Joanne deBruyn, a Puslinch resident and certified Pilates instructor.

What is Pilates (pronounced pil-ahh-teez)? Pilates is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed by Joseph Pilates over 90 years ago. It is an approach to physical exercises that addresses the body as an integrated whole, designed to enhance functional stability and functional movement throughout the body. The Pilates philosophy focuses on training the mind and body to work together to stretch and strengthen the body to keep it balanced and aligned, thus the mat exercises are designed with this mind-body focus to achieving physical fitness.

Pilates has recently enjoyed an upsurge in popularity, mainly because it works. It is a low impact, high result movement exercise program. People are discovering this more gentle approach to physical activity. The Pilates exercises emphasis core strength or your “powerhouse” muscles, which include the abdominals, lower back, buttock and hip muscles focusing on and isolating on the smaller weaker muscles in these areas. Pilates helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles from the inside out and is beneficial to virtually everyone. It helps to increase bone density and to increase mobility of the joints. It works to increase body awareness and change your posture and alignment for the better.

These Pilates classes are an introduction to the fundamentals of the Pilates mat work and are designed to be challenging but also safe. They are an effort to introduce your body to and become aware of core muscles, and begin to strengthen them in a way that makes a difference in everyday life and at the same time, pave the way to more advanced Pilates movements. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace. In the classes we use mats, rollers, bands, Pilates balls and small weights to always look for new ways to add challenge and fun. Most of the small equipment is provided, while some people may choose to bring their own.

Classes are on Wednesdays and there are three classes to choose from: 9:00 am, 10:00 am or 7:00 pm, each class is approximately 55 minutes. The 9:00am class is designed for those who have some experience with Pilates or fitness, we will start out reviewing and quickly increase our tempo, the 10:00 am class is designed for beginners or those who wish to move at a slower pace and the 7 pm class will be much the same at the 9:00 am

Joanne deBruyn is a certified Pilates instructor, she holds certifications in the PhysicalMind/ Body Harmonics approach and as well has studied Stott Pilates. She is also a certified and experienced Personal Trainer.

Margaret Olsthoorn, class organizer at the Badenoch Community Center, can be reached at 519-766-9593 or [email protected] to register for the September Pilates classes.

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