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How to Get Fit in Puslinch: Tour de Puslinch


I really enjoy bicycling, especially in Puslinch. Most residents of Puslinch may not

realize that Puslinch is a popular destination site to cycle. Many avid and recreational

cyclists find their way to our Township due to the diverse terrain (on and off road),

excellent road conditions and safe environment. The Cambridge Tour de Grand and the

Tour de Guelph both use the roads of Puslinch.

I have biked every paved and gravel road in Puslinch and all the trails that permit

bicycles. Depending on whether I am training for a triathlon or just riding with my

Grandchildren, I can easily cover over 2000 km per year.. My kids and now my

grandkids enjoy the ride from home to Puslinch Tract and return. Of course they would

probably say the rest stop at the Hwy. 401 Onroute station was the best due to the treats I

would buy (bribe). Yes, there is a back gate and trail from Puslinch Tract that leads to the

east bound station.

The time of day and riding direction are crucial when picking a route. Cycling between

9am-11am through the week and even the weekend provides the greatest amount of

safety and enjoyment. I have a variety of bicycles from my carbon fibre racing bike to my

hybrid mountain bike. I enjoy both but it is always best to plan a route in advance. Road

conditions (paved or gravel), trails speed, distance, training or recreational riding will

always dictate the type of bike I choose for the trip.

Spring, summer and fall in Puslinch provides different sights, sounds and smells that

keep me stimulated during my rides. New growth and the smell of lilacs in the spring and

the colour changes of the trees in the fall are two great examples. More people are taking

advantage of this great activity. The number of riders in Puslinch has increased each year

and they all have smiles and return my waves. If you decide to join the Puslinch

adventure and see others on their bikes enjoying the day, give them a smile and a wave.

You will feel that much better for your efforts and participation in the Puslinch Cycling


Wayne Stokley

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