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Puslinch Kodiaks in Niagara Men’s Fastball Tournament

The Kodiaks went to Niagara Falls this past weekend to play in the Niagara men’s fastball tournament.

On Friday night they played one of the tournament favorites, the Niagara Snappers. The Snappers have

one of Canada’s top pitchers on their team, Andrew Phibbs. It was an unlucky draw for the Kodiaks as

the only game that Phibbs could pitch the whole weekend was against the Kodiaks. It started off great

for the Kodiaks, with a leadoff home run by Matt Haines. They took the 1 nothing lead to the third

inning where the Snappers managed to get 2 runs off Mike Haines. The Kodiaks scored one more run in

the fifth inning, courtesy another good hit by Matt Haines. It was a double to the gap in left center that

scored Kyle McCaig from second. Mike Haines pitched one of his best games of the season hitting his

spots and getting 7 strikeouts in the game. The Snappers pitcher, Phibbs helped his own cause by hitting

a two run home run in the bottom of the fifth. He then shut the door on the Kodiaks and the Snappers

won the game 4-2.

The second game the Kodiaks played was against the Sweaburg Crush. The Crush beat the Kodiaks, with

their pitcher throwing a one hitter. The Crush eventually went on to win the tournament, beating the

Snappers in the finals.

After facing the top two teams in the tournament, the Kodiaks bats came alive. They defeated Port

Burwell, Straffordville and Jordan, all by over 7 runs. Home runs were hit by John Blair, Mike Lajoie, Matt

Haines (3 in the tournament) and Kyle McCaig.

Those 3 wins allowed the Kodiaks to win their division.

The Kodiaks only have 3 regular season games remaining this year. Tonight they played the Etobicoke

Royals. The Kodiaks are looking forward to keeping the bats rolling until the end of the year.

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