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Local Residents Hopeful Hwy 6 Bypass Becomes Reality


By Cameron Tuck, Morriston.

For over 30 years politicians, businesses and local residents have worked towards relieving the highway #6 bottleneck in Morriston Ontario, could it finally happen? This summer, The Honourable Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation, visited the village of Morriston which is the epicentre of the congested highway, he saw first hand what we deal with on a daily basis.

OPP statistics show over a 5 1/2 year period close to one accident each week. A serious accident and two other minor accidents just happened as we are writing this letter on September 16, 2015 causing personal injury and massive traffic delays. Since 1994, 22 LIVES LOST.

The original road through the village of Morriston was never meant to handle over 20,000 vehicles each day. Residents have to live with noise and air pollution, building vibrations, damage to personal properties due to accidents and witnessing near missed serious accidents never recorded on a daily basis.

Puslinch Council, MPP Ted Arnott, The Coalition and local residents have been working for years to get a commitment from the Ontario Government to undertake this project. The Minister has now taken the time to visit, to hear the communities concerns and to see for himself what is occurring in our Township. It has given us all a sense of hope that this project may now move forward.

A group of local residents have created a website, 6bypass.com, to inform and provide a forum for those interested in the long history, economic impact, share concerns, current news and invite dialogue around this critical issue.

Should the bypass become a reality, other issues and concerns will arise. We hope that if everyone works together, the best possible outcome for everyone is just around the corner.

We thank all those who have dedicated time to resolve our congested and overused road, and to The Honourable Steven Del Duca for the visit and new hope it has given us. Thank you!

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