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Not So Fast… Aberfoyle Speed Limit Change Not Permanent.

After doing a little digging we have an update to report on our story about the speed limit change from 70km/h down to 50km/h between Gilmour Road and the 401 in Aberfoyle.

It turns out that the drop in the speed limit is only temporary until the construction is finished this fall. Our understanding is that the plan is to then go back to 70km/h, but to lower it once again next year when construction starts up again.

When the work is finally completed the TAC (Transport Association of Canada) guidelines will be used to establish a permanent final speed limit for that section of road.

The one take-away from these changes is how important it is to be extra cautious when driving in construction zones. Whenever workers are present let’s all give ’em a brake and slow down so everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

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