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Market Minute: I Never Met a Pastrami I Didn’t Like.

This Saturday at the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market treat yourself to Wa’s Kobe Dog pastrami. Wagyu

pastrami locally smoked and prepared by Trotter’s Butcher Shop in Guelph. Oy, a good pastrami brings

back a flood of memories for me.

I grew up in Montreal and had my first pastrami sandwich at the famous Ben’s Delicatessen downtown.

It was an institution for lunch before the movies or late snacks after a pub night (shhh don’t tell my Dad)

In my career days I used to travel to Montreal a lot and made it my business to get to Ben’s whenever I

could sneak in an appointment nearby. Ben’s is long gone now, but I can still savour the moments by

visiting Ken and Kevin at the market this weekend and bring home this delicacy that will remind me of

those moments again. Great food does that.

Wa’s isn’t the only one bringing some spice to the market on Saturday. Mortar and Pestle spice shop

has mulling spices in two varieties. Have you noticed the weather lately? Perfect time of year to mull up

some wine or cider to warm you from the top of your noggin’ to the tips of your toes. Sounds like a little

log fire might be in order too.

Enjoy the music! Buskers Bands Fur Animals will be back again and they not only do they entertain us

they do good as well by raising funds for the Lincoln County Humane Society. Being an animal lover who

rescues mice from her cats…yes I do that…I encourage you to make a donation while you are tapping

your toes.

Did someone say wine? Save yourself a trip to the liquor store and restock from the long weekend’s

turkey famfest at Creekside Estate Winery. Yes, that’s what I said, the market has wine! Claudia Stocker

the herbalist will be back as well as crafters Kristal Kreations, Jana Skladan and Germana’s Gems. It’s

never too early to start thinking about gift giving.

It’s the second last week of the market!! Where did the summer go? Treat yourself to all good things at

the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market! Open every Saturday until the end of October from 8am to 1pm at the

Optimist Recreation Centre on Brock Road in Aberfoyle. See you at the market!

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