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Puslinch Speed Limit Updates: Conc. 1 East of Crieff Changes To 60, Watson Rd. South of 401 Remains 80


Attending last nights council meeting I noticed there were two items on the agenda regarding speed limit change requests from citizens of Puslinch.

The first was a request from Mr. Bill Dennis requesting that the speed limit on Watson Road between the 401 and Leslie Road be reduced to 60 km/hr. Reasons for the request were cited as being reduced visibility due to hills, many laneways entering the road and the excessive speed of drivers. The specifics of this section of road were run through the TAC* guidelines which did not recommend the change to 60 and thus staff recommended to council that no change should be adopted. Council declined the request to change the speed limit.

The second request was from residents East of Crieff on Concession 1. Concession 1 in Crieff currently has a 60 km/hr speed limit and residents to the east have expressed concern regarding the safety of the road. A Formal request for an extension of the 60 km/hr speed zone was made. The TAC* guideline did recommend the speed change and staff recommended to council that the request be granted. Council approved this request. The new 60 km/hr speed zone will extend 1.2 km to the east, taking it just past concession 7 once implemented. Click here to see the TAC Document used to justify this change.

*TAC GUIDELINES – Puslinch Township uses the TAC (Transportation Association of Canada) Guidelines as an automated way of assigning speed limits to roads that takes the guesswork out of the equation. The TAC Guidelines include an automated data sheet that considers roadway geometry, pavement width, roadside hazards, pedestrian and cyclist exposure, number of intersections, street parking etc. By plugging all the information into the automated system standardized speed limits are set for all roadways.

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