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Today In History: Morriston on Oct 30th, 1894

And now for something completely different… What was happening in Morriston on Oct. 30 1894, 121 years ago? Here is an account by the Morriston correspondent to the Guelph Mercury on that day.

Morriston News For This Day In 1894

CHURCH NOTES – The missionary services in the German Evangelical Church last Sunday were
attended by large congregations. The services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. Wilhelm. Some
$36. was added to the mission fund. The Rev. C. S. Finkbeiner, who figures at the funeral of Jessie
Keith, is the former pastor of the German Evangelical Church here.

Your correspondent wishes to state that he was not the author of the letter referring to Duff’s Church,
which appeared in last week’s issue.

A meeting of the elders and managers of Duff’s Church was held on Monday evening at the church. It
was largely attended and was most harmonious throughout. The motion to have an organ in the
church was carried by a large majority, but it was decided not to put one in until necessary repairs to
the church have been completed.

MOVING – Peter Winer and family moved to Mildmay. George Stratton has moved into the house
vacated by Peter Winer. Peter McKenzie moves from the farm into his house on Badenoch St. J. T.
Scott and family will reside in Hamilton after the 1st of November.

SALE – J. T. Scott’s sale last Thursday was largely attended. Bidding was brisk and very fair prices were realized. Thomas Ingram, auctioneer.

THE ANTWERP EXHIBITION – We received a letter yesterday dated Antwerp, Belgium, from Lieutenant
Dr. Courtenay, formerly of this place. He and Dr. Olmstead of Hamilton and two other Hamiltonians
have been doing the exhibition. They state that leaving out Old Antwerp village (which is on a
grander scale than at Chicago) the exhibition is hardly equal to the Toronto Industrial. Dr. C. goes to
Edinburgh and London for the winter to study a special course on the eye and ear.

DANCE – A social dance was held at the corner in Badenoch on Friday evening. There were 15 or 16
couples present. A most enjoyable night was put in, breaking up at 4 a.m. The director was Hugh
Fraser and Robert McLean supplied the music.

PERSONAL – Miss W. Moatz, Credition, has been visiting at Mr. Barth’s. C. M. Morrison is visiting at
Welland. Mrs. Cuzner has returned to Hamilton. Mr. Jacob Scheak of Toronto is visiting in the village.

SCHOOL – Owing to the continued illness of Miss Bond, Miss Emma Jacobs has been engaged to teach,
until she recovers. It is rumoured the Mr. Angus Clark, son of Malcolm Clark of Badenoch has been
appointed teacher of the senior school for 1895.

OUR SICK – Mrs. James McLean and her son, Alex, who have been laid up with typhoid fever, are on
the mend. Miss Winer, who has been ill with the same disease, is also better. Mr. John Huether and
wife have also been on the sick list but are notwgetting better. Charles Brown is able to be about

NOTES – William Brown, butcher, has introduced sausages and vegetables in connection with his business

During the fine weather trade was very dull. The weather is rainy today and also cooler.

C. Rothaermal, our new butcher, has opened a splendid shop on Badenoch St. He carries smoked
meats, sausages, hams, etc. in connection with his regular line of butcher meats.

C. Becker has purchased almost the entire crop of cabbages in Badenoch. The smell of apple jack and
sauerkraut pervades the village.

Merchants are paying 20 cents for eggs at present. They are very scarce.

The tax collector has been delivering his annual list of mills and centimes.

Morriston Jottings,

From the Guelph Mercury, Oct. 30, 1894

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