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20,000 Unique Visitors & Over 27,000 Page Views In October!

thank you puslinch

I know I’ve done it before, but I’d like to take a second and thank all the residents of Puslinch for your continued support for PuslinchToday.ca.

Since our launch in June the response from the community has been nothing short of overwhelming. Not only has our readership continued to increase both in and out of Puslinch, but residents are sending us story ideas and fully written articles to post which is absolutely amazing.

When Daina and I launched this online portal for Puslinch we were pretty sure there was a need for a daily updated local news source – but now we’re positive! October was our best month yet with over 27 THOUSAND page views from almost 20 THOUSAND unique visitors* and our stories were shared well over 10 THOUSAND times on Facebook! This shows that we are bringing in viewers from around the province and promoting local Puslinch businesses while we’re at it – which was one of our most important goals for the site.

Since our launch we’ve added a real estate section, a help wanted section and have been publishing wonderful historical articles and photographs – if you have an idea for something else we should be including let us know! We try to cover as much as we can in the community but can always use more help. If you have any type of local interest story please let us know. Use our contact form by clicking here or email us directly at [email protected].

Thank you,
Kevin Johnson

* A ‘Unique Visitor’ is someone that Google Stats counts only once during the month, no matter how many times you visit the site. For example, if you visited PuslinchToday.ca on 5 different occasions throughout October you would only count as 1 Unique visitor – but every page you view on each visit would still add to the total page views for the month.

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