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Ren’s Pet Depot Site Plan Review for Proposed Warehouse Expansion

Puslinch Township
Last Tuesday night while attending the Puslinch Planning & Development Advisory Committee one item in particular caught my attention and I thought it was worth sharing here.

The committee was tasked with reviewing the site plan for the new proposed warehouse expansion of Ren’s Pet Depot (20 Brock Road N). Their specific task that night was to comment on the urban design of the proposed new building and the surrounding lands.

I was extremely happy the see the committee did a good job of recommending some changes/additions to the tree planting both along the new building and along the frontage on Brock Road. The comments were aimed at improving the view of the buildings from all sides, including the frontage on Brock Road and especially for all the neighbours whose backyard views will be affected by this new warehouse.

I was hoping to have digital copies of the drawings provided to the committee before posting this but will attempt to obtain and post them when I do. They should be available at the Township Office if anyone is interested in reviewing them.

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