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A Day In Puslinch History: October 25, 1897


by the Aberfoyle correspondent to the Guelph Mercury

The beautiful weather of the last few days has put the farmers in the notion of taking in their
turnips. Most of them around here have started the crop.


Last Saturday night was regular meeting night of Court Aberfoyle, No. 296, Independent Order of
Foresters. There was a good turnout of members, which ended up with a salmon sandwich and
coffee lunch. These entertainments after the meetings are being appreciated by the members
from a distance, as there is a committee appointed to get up some kind of a different lunch every
meeting night and nobody but the committee knows what it is to be.

Mr. Chris McBeath had a sheep worried by dogs last Friday night.

There were more bicycles on the road going every way on Sunday, than ever went through
Aberfoyle on a single day before. It was such a beautiful day that it seemed, that everyone who
had a wheel, was using it.

H. J. McDiarmid took a trip on his wheel to Galt a week ago Friday and stayed away until
Thursday. It is common talk that he went quite a bit further west than Galt, say Port Stanley.

One of our young men took his best girl to Freelton Show and for the purpose secured a buggy
from Guelph. Going back to the city, one of the buggy wheels came off and can now be seen in a
pond not far from Aberfoyle.

Mr. W. Johnston has a great eye for bees and honey. He has had what he thought was a skep of
bees in a tree from two years. Last week, he thought, “Well, we will cut it down and take the
honey.” For this purpose, he got some assistance and cut down the tree but William was a little
surprised, when he found it was black wasps he had been guarding so closely for two years.

Rev. Mr. Couch preached a very forcible sermon in the church on Sunday.

Messrs. McDiarmid and Carter sold the last of the butter made in the creamery here this summer
on Saturday. This has been the most successful season the creamery has had. They made over
28,000 pounds of butter in the season.

Dr. Kennedy, who has been suffering from a severe cold, has so far recovered as to go out and
see his own patients now. All hope the doctor will not be laid up again for a long time. Mrs. Dr.
Kennedy has been in the village for a few days, nursing the doctor back to health.

Miss Mary Tawse and Miss E. McDonald spent a few days in Guelph last week.

Some of our sportsmen are talking about going to Muskoka to bring home some venison to those
of us who cannot go.

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