Does $33,000 Really Equal A 1% Tax Increase In Puslinch?

Is Every Extra $33,000 Spent In Puslinch Really A 1% Tax Increase?

Since posting this article about the upcoming Puslinch tax increases I’ve seen facebook comments questioning this and have had discussions in person about it so I thought I’d clear up the issue: Yes, this really is the case. Every new $33,000 spent by council will increase your property taxes by 1%.

Take a look for yourself in this report, the 2016 Proposed Budget Report by Puslinch Township. It clearly states on page 2:

Based on the 2015 returned assessment roll, each additional $33,000 of additional taxes levied results in a 1% tax rate increase for the Township portion of taxes.

The total Municipal Tax Levy for 2015’s approved budget was just over $3.3 Million so each $33,000 spent would equal 1% of total spending. The only instances where this 1% would be offset a little would be in cases where some development charges could be used for a portion of capital expenses.

I hope this helps to clear things up and I especially hope you will read this article and either attend the meeting on Thursday January 21st or email your councillors telling that large tax increases are simply not acceptable in these times.

Public Meeting Re 2016 Puslinch Taxes:

Thursday January 21st, 7pm
Puslinch Council Chambers
7404 Wellington Rd 34

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