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Should Rural Milton Join The Township of Puslinch?

Should Rural Milton Join The Township of Puslinch? At least one resident thinks so. Click here to read his full editorial letter.

“I believe it is time for rural residents to explore the Municipal Act. Seceding from the Town of Milton and joining the Townships of Puslinch or Guelph-Eramosa is a practical option. They have rural based populations and understand its concerns and culture. The extra revenue from the slots at Mohawk Racetrack would be icing on the cake.

Philip VanAlstyne, Cambelville

I believe Mr. VanAlstyne’s comments are indicative of the frustrations many of us have when our voices are outnumbered on a regional councils. Unfortunately for Mr. VanAlstyne, what he does not realize is that Puslinch is in much the same situation. We are greatly outnumbered on Wellington County Council and pay a disproportionately high amount of taxes per household to the County compared to other municipalities, with little services in return. Unless Puslinch gets a stronger voice on County Council this situation will not improve.

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