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Classy Lane Stables Rebuilding Barn After Tragic Fire

classy lane
Simple markers attached to trees pay tribute to the 43 horses lost at Classy Lane on Jan. 4. [Photo courtesty Wellington Advertiser]

It was a morning like any other at Classy Lane Training Centre on Feb. 18.

The steady rhythm of the four beat walk and neighs and nickers sounded throughout the shedrow, horses stood calmly in aisle cross ties giving the occasional stomp as if to say, “can we get a move on?” and groom Cindy Acton was tending to her equine charges before serving them lunch.

But under the surface everything was different.

The horses Acton was caring for were new and the barn she was in was not where she closed out the 2015 season. Just outside the sliding doors of Barn 2 was an empty space where Barn 1 stood prior to the tragic Jan. 4 fire that destroyed the building, killing 43 horses…

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