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Forestell Family Promoting Contractor Equipment Sharing

Tim Forestell, Erin Stephenson and Kevin Forestell, of Dozr, help contractors reduce costs through an equipment sharing service. Photo by Troy Bridgeman, Guelph Mercury.

Equipment costs are a big expense for contractors but a group of local entrepreneurs has come up with a way to lower expenses and earn income on idle equipment through a new business called Dozr.

The option to rent out equipment to other contractors during downtimes provides incentive for businesses to buy equipment rather than rent it seasonally from traditional rental companies.

Forestell has learned a lot about the cost and maintenance of heavy equipment after more than a decade as founder and president of Forestell Designed Landscapes.

“We went through a strategic planning process at Forestell in the wintertime when we had just completed our 10th year in business,” Forestell said. “We found a problem and when looking for a solution we found another business in that solution.”

The Forestell family has been part of the Guelph landscape since 1827 when Kevin’s great, great, great grandfather came to the area and got a job clearing trees for city founder John Galt.

Kevin is the oldest of four children born to Tom and Barb Forestell.

His youngest brother Tim is a business partner as well as a co-founder and director of Dozr….

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Note: the Guelph Mercury had originally spelled the name of the Forestells’ parents incorrectly. The names as they appear now on this page are correct.

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