History Corner: Corwhin, February 24 1896


February 24, 1896
From the Guelph Mercury

Miss M. M. Kerr of Cumberland, England is visiting at Mr. William Kerr’s of this place.

Miss Janet and Mr. Peter McKenzie leave today to return to their work. Janet goes east to
Rochester, New York, while Peter goes west to Montana.

The sale of Mr. John C. Smith’s farm stock and implements came off last Tuesday. The prices
realized were fairly good in most cases.

Mr. William Kerr of this place has bought the 200 acre farm of the late James Martin of Badenoch.
The price, we hear, is somewhere near $7,000, which is considered a good price these hard times.
We are sorry that Mr. Kerr and family will be leaving this neighbourhood, yet are pleased, that they
are going to such an excellent farm.

The annual tea meeting of the No. 10 Sabbath School, Corwhin, was held on Friday evening last.
Notwithstanding the cold, there was a very large turnout, there being 185 present. Rev. William
Robertson occupied the chair and very ably fulfilled the duties of that position.

A quartette from the Knox Church choir, Guelph, was present and well sustained their good
reputation in the singing of sacred song. Mr. Glassford, Pastor of Chalmers Church, Guelph, was
also present and delivered an interesting and instructive address on Sunday School teachers and
their work. Messrs. P. McLaren, W. Stratton, H. Weatherston, D. Barbaree and William McCrae
also gave short, pithy addresses, bearing principally on Sabbath School work.

Ethel and Lottie Ross each sang a solo, which was much appreciated. Mr. H. R. Parker, teacher,
gave an excellent exhibition of club swinging to the accompaniment of an auto-harp, played by
Mr. P. Grieve and two violins played by Messrs. D. McKenzie and W. Grieve.

Miss C. McKenzie also sang a solo in her usual good style, while two recitations and three
dialogues given by the Sunday School scholars completed what was a splendid literary
programme. Six ladies and their partners served tea and an excellent lunch in the middle of the
proceedings, altogether making one of the most successful entertainments ever held in
connection with the Sabbath School.

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