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All Traces Of “PuslinchToday” To Be Removed From Township Website

Apparently the squeaky wheel doesn’t get the grease, it gets the boot.

Since last June PuslinchToday has tried to keep the community informed of what’s going on in our community. Be it our promotion of local businesses, weekly updates on the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market, listing community events via our events calendar (check out how much stuff is going on in March!), FREE publication of Puslinch Township notices or our coverage of the 2016 budget process we have tried our best to keep everyone informed.

At yesterday’s council meeting Puslinch Councillors voted unanimously to direct “staff to remove the existing content with respect to online news information sources.

This morning I received a letter stating that “We can advise that the Township will be removing all existing content with respect to Puslinch Today from its website as of Friday, March 4, 2015 [sic]”

This doesn’t really affect us one way or another, we’ll keep doing what we do to promote Puslinch and keep everyone informed. Although council has the right to digitally erase us from the township website, it is more than a little disappointing. I’ll leave it to you, the citizens of Puslinch, to interpret this action taken by your elected representatives.


  1. Well unclear what they think this will acomplish but based on what I have watched in my time on this earth. When you attempt to hide things form the public or make it more difficult to access it only seems to back fire and just cuases thing to appear sooner.

  2. How stupid!!!! When township doesn’t like to deal wit or hear things they don’t like they ban it….freedoms of speech ….hmmmm. Aw well, voting is coming soon. Carry on PT we like to read your news.

      1. Just a new arbitrary policy aimed at the multitudes of ‘online news information sources’ in Puslinch I guess.

  3. Well I guess it is within there right. I don’t see what they gain by this action except alienate more poeple. I do remember a candidate at the time of the election. Saying that there was a record number of private council meetings where the public is nt allowed. I am curious to know if this continues or things have changed

  4. Back in November, you were given accreditation as a news service by Google, yet Council doesn’t see fit to keep Puslinch Today on the local web site. Have all media sources been removed? I just did a quick search on the Puslinch web site and couldn’t find any media sources listed.

  5. I was enjoying the wide range of your news which touched on everything in the community. One touch of the button so to speak to stay up to date. The council’s decision will come back to haunt them . Why don’t you take your e-news service to Guelph council and keep us informed on newsy items. We will be part of Guelph one day and you will already be on first base.

    1. Oh we will still keep doing what we do… Promoting Puslinch and publishing local news and events. Sometimes council just has to do what it has to do.

      I hope you keeping reading on our site… And I hope we’re not part of Guelph too soon!

      1. Kevin, keep up the good work. I enjoy receiving my daily fill of Puslinch Today. Like you, I hope we never become part of Guelph.

  6. Seriously? Well, I guess they must feel challenged in some way!
    Keep up the good work! This is a valuable way of keeping residents informed!
    I especially appreciate all the different aspects of what you are doing!

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