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Puslinch Councillors: Determine Service Levels Before Finalizing Master Plan

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An update to the Puslinch Community Centre master plan includes community comments and a need to determine service levels.

On March 2, councillors reviewed a report from Monteith Brown Planning Consultants on a draft of the Puslinch Recreation and Parks Master Plan.https://www.puslinchtoday.ca/wp-admin/post-new.php#edit_timestamp

Among the recommendations in the plan is that the township develop a plan for the Puslinch Community Centre park to more closely examine the layout and features of the entire park site, including the expansion lands.

In 2015, Puslinch retained the consultants to complete phase 1 of the Recreation and Parks Master Plan, which includes a review of existing conditions, a public engagement program, and the development of two distinct community centre concept plans for the township’s consideration.

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Here are the current concepts for the park:

Recreation Master Plan

Recreation Master Plan

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