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Overlay Map Of Morriston Bypass

UPDATE: The official map from the MTO can now be seen HERE

DISCLAIMER: I created this map myself in response to a lot of questions we are receiving about exactly where the new roads will go since the official map we were given did not show a lot of detail.

This was created by taking the official map given at the presentation yesterday, making it transparent, rotating it and dropping it on top of a google map of Puslinch. I left the original graphics in the picture so you can see how this was created.

This should be fairly accurate **ASSUMING** the map provided by the government of Ontario was to scale. It seems to be since all the roads fit nicely but thre is NO GUARANTEE this is accurate – it’s simply the best I can do with what I have. Click on the image for the full size picture so you can zoom in if you wish.

– Kevin Johnson


Highway 6 Bypass Overlay Map

The new Morriston Bypass route marked in orange.

Morriston Bypass Map

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