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Puslinch Council Puts Brakes On Bike Ban For Watson Road


Councillors here were not overly receptive to a recent request for a bike ban on Watson Road.

Resident Diane Greene wrote to council recently requesting a bicycle ban on some area roads.

Greene lives on Watson Road South and describes it as a “beautiful” stretch of country road between Wellington 34 and Hume Road.

“It is a great road for driving. Curvy and hilly, 80 kilometers per hour, which is fine; it is truly a beautiful road to live on. I live at a peak of one of these hills,” she said.

However, Greene said she does not believe the road is suitable for bicycles. She requested banning bikes on Watson Road South between Wellington 34 and Hume Road.

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  1. I think the nest time this lady has this issue with Bicyclists, she should stop and take the time to educate them on her concerns rather than just out and out ban them Some may be receptive to the education and listen but some may not.

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