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Some Puslinch Councillors Question Return On Economic Development Investment

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Puslinch councillors attempted to take on a municipal study by BMA Management Consulting Inc. commissioned by Wellington County. …

Puslinch Mayor Dennis Lever, who described the report as a ‘pretty big document,” said Wellington County financed the project but all the municipalities in the county were involved.

“It is important to understand where we are and any trends,” said Lever, who noted at least one item was mentioned during the township’s public budget meeting: the income level of residents and taxpayers.

Councillor Susan Fielding said she found the document difficult to read and “not user friendly at all.” She suggested someone would need to have “a strong accounting background to make a lot out of it.”

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The document described in this article can be viewed by clicking here and downloading the file. The report begins on page 83. (Warning: this is a large PDF file)

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