Here We Go AGAIN – Ontario Raising Electricity Rates 2.5% May 1st


When will this Liberal electricity nightmare in Ontario end? After absorbing punishing electricity rate increases in May 2015, November 2015 and January of this year we are once again going to see our rates going up on May 1st.

“They must have a good reason to increase our rates in May after a a huge increase in January and two increases last year… so I’m not really interested in the reason why.”
You might want to just buy into that line above and stop reading, my feelings won’t be hurt. The real reason behind this increase may just be enough to ruin your day. From the Ontario Energy Board we get this:

“Ontarians consumed less electricity than expected over the recent milder winter. As a result of lower usage, Regulated Price Plan (RPP) prices did not recover the full cost of serving RPP customers. One of the main reasons prices are increasing in May is to recover this shortfall. ”

Did I understand that right?

Ontarians managed to conserve and use LESS ELECTRICITY than they expected us to, so now they want us to PAY FOR ELECTRICITY WE DIDN’T USE. We all thought the mild winter meant a little bit of a reprieve from soaring energy costs. Joke’s on us I guess. We should know better than to expect the government to allow us any breaks.

Basically, the vastly underpaid executives that run our electricity system have rigged a system that works like this:

  • Using too MUCH elctricity is BAD. Do this and we’ll raise rates to punish you and force you to change your behaviour to use less.
  • Using too LITTLE electricity is BAD. Do this and we’ll raise rates to punish you and force you to use even less by making it more unaffordable.
Am I the only one that sees a problem here?

What happened to all the conservation efforts? Why is the government encouraging us to conserve when they are overproducing? Why are businesses being driven out of Ontario for lack of cheap power when we have an excess of power we are giving away to the United States every month? Why are we not being given CHEAPER electricity to encourage us to use up the electricity that must be produced by our infrastructure?

I’m very hopeful that only a government as inept as Kathleen Wynne’s could allow a debacle like this to continue.

It really is time to rise up and be heard.

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Kevin Johnson

Kevin is a local business owner in Puslinch.

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