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Nestle Seeks 10 Year Renewal of Aberfoyle Water-Taking Permit

Nestle Waters Canada

Within the next few months, Nestle’s permit to take water from the Aberfoyle area will expire.

The bottled water giant is seeking a 10-year renewal of that permit, which currently allows them to take about 2,500 litres of water per minute from the Grand River watershed. …

Environmental advocacy groups like the Wellington Water Watchers have long opposed the bottled water industry.

“We think it’s a poor use of public water,” said Mike Nagy of the Wellington Water Watchers…

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  1. Hey Nestle…..why not invest a few trillion of your dollars into figuring out how to treat polluted water and bottle that.
    You’d have the whole planet flocking to your door.
    Outside of that…..pack your tents and get the hell out of our country. We are not for sale….

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