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Today In History: News From The Third, April 7th, 1892

Mr. Peter Mahon of Aberfoyle was present at our last meeting of the Patrons of Industry and gave
a very instructive address. Everyone is well satisfied with the manner in which our association
has been conducted during the past year, both financially and otherwise.

The officers for the next quarter are: President, J. J. Walters; Vice-President, Angus McPherson;
Secretary, Malcolm McCaig; Treasurer, Hugh McIntyre.

The bridge in front of Mr. Patterson’s has been undermined by the swollen waters of the creek and
on Sunday it seemed to be in rather a dangerous condition. It should be attended to at once and
substantially rebuilt.

The large notice erected by Mr. Douglas over his creek was removed by some wag and placed
over a pond. Now, these notices generally give a fellow an intense desire to fish in the forbidden
waters but it is to be hoped that strangers, who were “taken in” by the notice did not fish in the
pond, as it contains nothing but lizards, frogs and muskrats.
Miss Bretz from Louisiana is visiting at her sister’s, Mrs. Hugh Ross and intends to remain all

Miss C. Gilchrist has returned from Niagara.

Mr. Mason and family are back again on their farm. They had a very successful party last

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