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Update: Address Change On Fox Run Drive Denied

capture_001_01042016_111227At the beginning of March, Diane Zadro wrote to council requesting an address change to a property on Fox Run Drive: “we have purchasers building a home on this lot. Unfortunately, due to their heritage they cannot have the number 4 in their address. Currently the civic address is 44.”

“We would like to make an application to the township to have the civic number changed to a number without a ‘4’.”

At the March 16th meeting of Puslinch council it was decided “That Council deny the request of Diane Zadro, Timberworx to have the civic number of 44 Fox Run Drive changed to a number without 4 as there is no adequate spacing in the existing addressing scheme to accommodate the request”

Common sense prevails.

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  1. I applaud the Township for doing the right thing and rejecting this request. It does make me wonder why the individuals buying the property and choosing to build a house not know the number before this. Did they just automatically assume that they could have what they want.

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