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At The Market: The Aberfritter Snack Company


Aberfritter Snack Company. A Local Family Affair.

This year at the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market you can treat yourself to absolutely delicious apple fritters every Saturday. Blair Moch and her family launched their new venture yesterday and I was lucky enough to be there to taste apple fritters for the first time ever. I had no idea what to expect but deep fried dough sounded like a great idea to me!

It’s a team effort with Blair slicing the apples and her husband Ed craft-fully deep frying them. Their daughter Kieran delightfully dredges them as you like it, with maple syrup, honey, or beautifully sugared cinnamon…or you can just have them plain. And their buoyant son Xander delivers them with aplomb.

If you have ever had an apple fritter you know what I was in for. If you haven’t tried one you need to. My first bite was a burst of succulent crisp batter wrapped around a sweet tart apple slice that simply melted in my mouth. The lightly dusted cinnamon sugar was the perfect accompaniment to make the whole experience pure unadulterated joy. My friends Kevin and Charlene had chosen maple syrup and I could see that they clearly enjoyed the moment as much as I did.

Aberfritter Snack Company is proud to use local ingredients such as Burrs and the Bees honey, and Shady Grove Maple Co. maple syrup. When in season you can enjoy local apples. All available as well as the market.

I have known Blair since we were on the Farmers’ Market board together and she has since taken on the role of president. If there is one thing I know about her is that when she has an idea she takes it on with a whole heart and brings it to fruition with passion and energy. She is one the most creative women I know. Case in point, the entire stand was designed, crafted and built by her and her family from scratch. Add the amazing apple fritters and BOOM you have magic.

You can experience the magic every Saturday at the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market on Brock Road in the Optimist Recreation Centre from 8am to 1pm beginning May 28 to the last weekend in October.

I am hooked on these apple fritters and a visit to the market on Saturdays will become part of a highly anticipated moment in my routine every weekend. See you at the market!

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