Citizen Unhappy With Government Secrecy

Dear Editor:

RE: Lever: “credibility with ministry undermined” by leaking of Morriston bypass announcement (April
29th) and Caesar comparison (May 6).

Mayor Dennis Lever and Jim McClure seem to have a flare for the dramatics! I can’t speak to the actions
of Council Members regarding the Highway 6 Bypass announcement. What I can tell you is that, as of
Thursday, March 24, a very large portion of Puslinch, Hamilton and Guelph had received a Media
Advisory via the West Region MTO office regarding Minister Steven Del Duca visiting Puslinch “to make a
highway announcement” on March 29th.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that it would be related to the Bypass and would, finally, be positive news. There was no indication in the Advisory that it was confidential and, if you want to keep something confidential, the last thing you do is issue a Media Advisory or Media Release. Once issued, the information is in the public domain and freely available on the internet.

What I find troubling is the fact that the Mayor is seeking to use his version of events as a reason to not share information with his Council on any dealings he may be undertaking on our, the residents of
Puslinch, behalf.

Personally, I elected FIVE people to collectively represent me and my interests, not ONE, and there is no
justification for the Mayor to ever withhold information from his Council.


Sandra Solomon

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  1. Get serious.
    When the Mayor is asking Council to keep something confidential it should be honoured by all members of Council.
    You know, or should know, as well as I do, who broadcast the information.

    Manfred Ganning

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