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What Infrastructure Deficit? We’re Getting An Electric Charging Station!


We should all be celebrating! I’m under the impression that all the talk of having an infrastructure deficit was just that – talk. We obviously have all the money we need for roads and bridges and culverts and sports fields and maintenance equipment. That’s really good news!

How did I come to this conclusion?

The County Of Wellington will be installing three (YES THREE!) electric vehicle charging stations at a cost of $215,076 and one will be at the Puslinch Library! Yeah! One really lucky person at a time will now be able to drive their electric farm vehicle or car to the library, pop in their credit card and charge it while they look for books!

The initial install money is coming from the province (see press release below) but seriously, is this the highest priority project our County of Wellington Councillor can push for Puslinch? Is this really the best use of our tax money? How about helping us with some things we NEED but don’t have the funds for… how about contributing to our new park, or retrofitting the lights at the ball diamond or building a basketball court in Arkell or simply not spending our money and reducing our electricity rates?

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of electric vehicles and green technology but come on… we have to get our priorities straight. Puslinch is a relatively small, predominantly rural community and an electric vehicle charging station at the library is simply not at the top of my wish list.

– Kevin Johnson

[Click here to see the official press release]


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