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Puslinch Councillors Unhappy With ORC Sound Levels Report

community centre outdoor rink

by Mike Robinson.

To say Puslinch councillors were unhappy on May 4 might be an understatement.

GM BluePlan was hired earlier this year in response to councillor questions pertaining to the noise level assessment completed by dBA Environmental Inc. regarding the compressors at the Optimist Recreation Centre in Aberfoyle.

The dBA daytime report, when cross referenced with the township-supplied ORC compressor logs, suggests that a slight increase of 0.3 to 0.6 decibel increase is recorded when the ice rink compressors are running.

At the same time, Young noted there were times when the sound levels were higher when the compressor was not running.

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  1. At what point is the township go to tell this one individual to move if they dont like the noise. This all boils down to one thing and one thing only They have lost there own private personal street they once used to have. They did not first like the traffic and had the gates closed at the back of the Township park to stop traffice then complained traffic was going to fast and now noise. When the hell is enough is ennough. No continue to waste township money Just stupid

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