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Ted Arnott on Michael Chong, ALS Fundraising and Opposition Politics

Ted Arnott MPP
Ted Arnott, MPP

Michael Chong has announced that he’s seeking the leadership of his Party. The news
has electrified Conservatives throughout our Riding of Wellington-Halton Hills, and
across the country.

I’ve worked with Mike for over a decade. He’s young, smart and principled. He’s well-
informed, forward-looking, and thoughtful. He tells the truth, and he’s earned the trust
and respect of people across the political spectrum.

Mike has successfully pushed for parliamentary reform, in an effort to empower all
Members of Parliament and give them the tools to better represent their constituents.
‎He has also consistently stood out as a defender of stronger protection for our natural

Supported by his wife Carrie, their three sons, an excellent staff, as well as a large
number of dedicated volunteers, Mike has always put Wellington-Halton Hills first.‎ Now,
he takes his experience and our Riding’s values to the national stage.

In my view, there is no one better suited to be the next Leader of the Opposition ‎in the
House of Commons and eventually, Prime Minister of Canada.


Each year, we have literally hundreds of fantastic community events in Wellington-
Halton Hills. 

One that puts us on the map nationally is our annual Georgetown/Acton Walk for ALS.
This year’s Walk is on Saturday, June 4th at Dominion Gardens Park in Georgetown.
“Check in” goes from 9 – 10:30 am, and the 4 km Walk kicks off at 10:45 a.m.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), sometimes known as "Lou Gehrig’s disease," is a
progressive neuromuscular condition in which nerve cells die, leaving voluntary muscles
paralyzed. There is presently no cure for ALS.

But there is hope. Walks such as ours provide support for affected families and raise
money for research. Someday, these research efforts will lead to a breakthrough and
more effective treatments will be discovered. Together, we will make ALS treatable, not

The Georgetown/Acton ALS Walk has consistently ranked as one of the biggest and
most successful ALS Walks in Canada, thanks to great volunteer organizers and the
participation of so many of our caring residents.

Show your heart. Get involved. Please join us this Saturday.


This month marks the mid-point of the Wynne Government's mandate. The next
provincial election is expected to be held in June of 2018.

As we inch closer to an election, politics looms larger in the public debate that takes
place inside and outside the Ontario Legislature. 

At the same time, MPPs should never forget we are elected to serve the people, not just
to engage in mindless and exaggerated political attacks that serve no public purpose.

At present, I serve in Opposition. From this vantage point I have an obligation to point
out the flaws and drawbacks of the Government's policies and agenda. However, I also
believe the Opposition has an obligation to propose constructive solutions to the
challenges the Province faces today.‎ This I seek to do.

Some of the best ideas come directly from our constituents. I want to thank everyone
who has offered me their ideas, suggestions and advice.

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  1. We’re lucky to have both Mike and Ted representing us…they could teach some of the American political candidates (well maybe one in particular ) a thing or two about how to conduct yourself with class and honour even when running against them or sitting on opposing sides.

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