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No Major Concerns Raised At Public Meetings

Last night I attended three very short public meetings at Puslinch Council dealing with properties on Brock Road, McLean Road and Smith Road.

The only application that raised any real concern was the one concerning the site on Smith Road, which is really dealing with a triangular piece of property on the corner of 34 and Concession 7. Questions were asked about access to 34 from the property (there will be none), light pollution (no additional lights are planned) and salt storage (proper permitted storage will be undertaken). It was noted that the applicants want the property to look good and will eventually undertake to store all equipment indoors.

The applicants indicated that they will eventually want to build a larger storage building on the site and potentially sever the property once again to remove the existing house from the commercial operation.

As these were public information meetings no decisions were made by council last night.

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