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Pollinator Plants This Weekend At The Aberfoyle Market

Garden Days at the Aberfoyle Market

Sat June 4, 8am-1pm

This will be the last market day where we will have pollinator plants available for sale. The plants we will be bringing are: swamp milkweed and butterfly weed for the endangered Monarch butterfly, Pipevine for the endangered pipevine swallowtail and pearly everlasting for the painted lady. We also have Hop and prickly ash for the endangered giant swallowtail.

We would love to chat to you about pollinators and share ideas about creating habitat for them. Please be sure to visit us at the market and support your struggling pollinator communities.

About 25 years ago we moved to Puslinch. As beekeepers, having 12 acers of hay field was not enough. We wanted to plant trees and shrubs that would extend the season from April to Sept so the bees would always have a source of nectar and pollen. Along the way the song birds and all forms of pollinators came as the land was slowly enriched. We thought we might share this pollinator information with you this year.

The photo below is the Redbud. A native small tree or large shrub that blooms a lovely pink the same time as the flowering crab apple. It even has blooms on the bark!


About Marion Robertson & the B Sweet Honey Nature Company:

“We are beekeepers and now are a native tree and shrub nursery specializing in endangered and Carolinian stock.”

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