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Complete Open Air Burning Ban In Effect For Puslinch Until Further Notice

open air burning ban

Effective immediately the Wellington County Fire Chiefs have made the decision to prohibit all open air burning within the County. ALL outdoor open air fires are now banned due to the extreme dryness of all vegetation in Wellington County. Provincial forest and wild land fire indicators are all at extreme levels.

This ban is now in effect and will remain until further notice. We will endeavor to publish a follow up article here on Puslinch Today as soon as possible after the ban has been lifted.

Speaking with Puslinch Chief Fire Prevention Officer Jason Benn this morning it was noted that even if you possess a valid Open Burn Permit from the Township you are still prohibited from open burning until further notice and will be charged a response fee if the fire department is dispatched to a fire at your location.

An “Open Air Burn” is defined as any fire outside of a building. This includes bonfires, campfires, burn barrels, outdoor fireplaces/chimineas or any other fires set in open air.

Let’s all be safe and comply with this order until the fire department deems it safe to once again enjoy our fire pits this summer.

If you have any questions regarding this order, please contact Puslinch Fire and Rescue Services, Chief Steve Goode – 519-821-3010.


    1. – I would think they are ok if used for cooking… my understanding is that BBQs are find but I would probably call the fire dept to make sure before using one – charcoal may be treated differently than a gas BBQ. – Kevin.

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