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Ontario Cabinet Minister Liz Sandals defends Nestle – suggesting local residents are misinformed

liz sandals
Hon Liz Sandals, MPP (Guelph) – Liberal

A senior Ontario cabinet minister (Hon Liz Sandals, MPP (Guelph) – Liberal) is coming to Nestle’s defense, suggesting public opposition to the renewal of the multinational company’s water-taking permit in a small community is based on “misinformation.”

There has been vocal opposition and protests against renewing Nestle’s permit in Aberfoyle, Ont., after the area 110 kilometers northwest of Toronto suffered a drought this summer that forced residents to restrict their water use.

Treasury Board President Liz Sandals, who represents nearby Guelph, said Wednesday she finds it frustrating that many residents who have been criticizing Nestle are often armed with the wrong facts.

“There’s no doubt that there is a lot of concern, but my point to you is that many of the things that people will express a concern about actually turn out to be based on misinformation,” she said.

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