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Ontario Ponders Fee, Permit Hikes For Water Bottling Industry


by Mike Robinson.

Nestle Waters Canada
Ontario’s water bottling industry could be in for a major shake-up as the province ponders a review of costs for both permits and fees to draw water.

Last week Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne told the Canadian Press “there is the issue of the quantity of water taken and there is the issue of the cost.”

Wynne stated some policies regarding water bottling companies are outdated and in the future, water bottlers could be charged more for permits.

The premier also suggested that rather than issuing new permits under the same parameters as expired ones, which she said “would not be appropriate,” the province needs to look at changing things “before there is a new permit.”

Ontario Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray has also stated the province is considering changes to what companies have to pay for permits to draw water.

He said policy changes could be made by the end of the year.

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