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Puslinch Fire & Rescue Home Safety Program


This fall you may meet members of the Puslinch Fire & Rescue Services at your door. We are hoping it will be a good experience as they will be arriving during the daytime armed with useful knowledge and information. We will be visiting homes in the Western areas of the Township to create awareness around smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and the importance of home escape planning.

The fire department will be reaching out to the public with this door to door campaign with some very important fire safety messages. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and utilize the visit to ensure your home is in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code Regulations. A successful visit will result if we leave your home knowing:

  • The residence is in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code
  • The homeowner understands the requirements of working smoke & CO alarms
  • Alarms are installed in optimum locations and working
  • The homeowner understands how to test and maintain their alarms
  • You understand the importance of developing and practicing home escape planning

If during an inspection it is determined that smoke & CO alarms are missing, improperly located or not working, immediate action must be taken to bring the home into compliance with the Fire Code. We will install a loaner alarm(s) and ensure that they are working before we leave your home. When a loaner alarm has been installed, we will return for a re-inspection to ensure the home-owner has purchased and installed the required smoke alarms.

The focus of the Home Safety program will be on fire education and ensuring compliance so charges will not have to be laid.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: please contact fire prevention, Puslinch Fire & Rescue Services at (519) 821-3010

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