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Why Nestlé’s Aberfoyle well matters so much to Guelph residents

Protesters opposed to the renewal of a water-taking permit for Nestlé gather in Guelph, Ont., on Monday night before a city council meeting. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

A showdown between water advocates and politicians is expected Monday night in Guelph, Ont., over the divisive issue of Nestlé Waters Canada seeking renewal of a water-taking permit for its bottling plant in nearby Aberfoyle.

The permit has become a flashpoint in a battle between environmentalists, community leaders and corporate interests, after it was revealed that the province only charges bottled water companies $3.71 per million litres of water. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has said she plans to ask the province’s environment minister to review permit conditions for all bottlers of water.

The issue is especially crucial to Guelph, which is the largest city in Canada that relies solely on groundwater for its water supply. The water being taken in Aberfoyle is from the same aquifer that feeds Guelph’s supply…

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Story and photo via CBC.ca

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  1. What about all the water the beer companies take in order to produce, wash and sanitize in and around Guelph. What about all of the access housing that is being build in Guelph, the condo’s going up, all of these people need water. Perhaps us people in Puslinch are not really happy about Guelph using up all of our well water supply. What about Tim Hortons, virtually every cup of coffee etc. is a bottle of water. This problem goes far beyond Nestle. Are there actual facts that prove that Nestle is going to dry up all of the water supply or is this just people freaking out. Guaranteed that if we had a natural disaster there would be a line up of people looking for bottled clean drinkable water. Check out how much water all other industry is using, you may be shocked.

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