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Nestlé Updates: ‘Office Hours’ & ‘A Fresh Water Wake Up Call’

Nestle Waters Canada
Here are two recently published articles I thought may be of interest to Puslinch readers regarding Nestlé Waters:

Nestlé to offer office hours in Puslinch

Nestlé Waters Canada has announced a plan to host regular office hours in Puslinch in order to address questions from local residents.

“As a Puslinch resident, I am excited to open our community office hours to my neighbours and fellow residents,” Nestlé’s natural resources manager Andreanne Simmard said in a news release. “The community has not only been the home of our operations for the last 15 years, it is home to almost all of our over 300 employees. As someone who has studied water my whole life, I am proud to be a part of a community that cares so much about water and its sustainability.”

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Nestlé controversy a fresh water wake up call

Policy progress on our water will only occur if and when Canadians shed our unfounded and unshakable confidence in Canada’s water wealth

As leaders from the U.S. and Canada recently gathered in Toronto for the 2016 Great Lakes Public Forum, the backdrop was an ongoing controversy between the community of Guelph and the Nestlé water bottling plant, which has thrown the issue of water access and availability into high relief.

Some have argued that the frenzy around Nestlé is driven by “a bogus water crisis.” They point out that Canada has more fresh water than any country in the world. A single company isn’t going to push Canadians into water scarcity. That’s true. However, our myth of water abundance very well may…

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