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Arnott seeking re-election to Legislature in 2018

ted arnott
Ted Arnott is making plans to run again in the upcoming provincial election, which is expected in June of 2018.

“After thinking about it for the past year, I’ve decided to run again,” Mr. Arnott said. “I feel very encouraged by the recent expressions of support I’ve received, and I want to continue to serve and represent all of the people of Wellington-Halton Hills in the coming years.”

The veteran MPP was first elected to Queen’s Park in 1990, and he is now one of the longest serving Members in the House.‎ Making no promises at election time except his best efforts, Mr. Arnott has been elected and re-elected in seven consecutive provincial elections.

“I’ve been very fortunate through the years to have the support of so many good people who are involved in politics for one reason: to help build a better Ontario,” he said. “Their commitment to their communities inspires me to want to continue my work at Queen’s Park, and continue my advocacy for the people of our Riding.‎”

Ontario needs new leadership to confront the challenges ahead, Mr. Arnott believes.

“Hydro bills have skyrocketed because of misguided Government decisions, costing us jobs and making hydro bills unaffordable for many ‎people,” he said. “Economic growth has been sluggish under the policies of the current Government, hurting job creation and meaning there is less money available for health care and education, and other programs we all value.”

Mr. Arnott also added that there are many infrastructure projects and proposals in Wellington-Halton Hills at various stages of approval, that need to be carried forward to a successful completion.

“We’ve worked very hard to gain approvals for a new Groves Hospital, the Morriston bypass, and more recently to push for the Town of Halton Hills long-term transportation study, the Laurier Milton campus, a new Halton Courthouse, and other projects,” ‎Mr. Arnott stated. “The job is not yet done.”

He pointed to recent Liberal scandals, which have eroded trust in the provincial Government.

“Effective leadership requires vision, honesty, and a workable plan that’s ambitious but ‎achievable,” Mr. Arnott said. “Without public trust, positive results are few and far between. That’s one of the big reasons why the Liberals are in such trouble right now.”

Experience is an asset in any job, and being an MPP is no exception.

“My 26 years of experience in the Legislature have enabled me to get more done for our people, even from the Opposition benches,” he said. “By working together with Members from all sides of the House, our municipal Councils and local community organizations, we have made significant progress on many files.”

As a Member of the the Ontario PC Caucus, Mr. Arnott supports Patrick Brown as the next Premier of Ontario.

“Patrick is working very hard to ‎reach out to New Canadians, offer a constructive alternative to the Liberals, and build a modern, inclusive Progressive Conservative Party,” he said. “I want to do what I can to help him become Premier.”

Ted Arnott lives in Fergus with his wife Lisa, who is a French Immersion teacher. They are very proud of their three sons, Jack, Phillip and Dean.

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