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Guelph Councillor Accuses Nestlé Of ‘Shameful Tactic’ At Meeting

Company filling seats at special meeting in Guelph kept residents out, councillor says

James Gordon

Nestlé Waters Canada has come under fire after employees sat in Guelph city council chambers hours before a special meeting on water taking permits was set to begin Monday night.

“This is a shameful tactic,” Coun. James Gordon posted to Facebook, saying the company bussed employees to the meeting “to take seats away from citizens.

The Nestlé facility in Aberfoyle is just 12 kilometres away from Guelph city hall and the company has said it employs more than 300 people from the local area.

Mayor Cam Guthrie said the people arrived during another public meeting and didn’t leave.

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  1. Nestle is a disgraceful, shameful company, I don’t buy anything from them, NOTHING, I even boycott their country, and for anyone who works for them they should be ashamed too.

    Thank You Guelph and James Gordon , your doing what is in the best interest of the people and the environment, unlike Puslinch, which also should be ashamed of itself too.

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