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Puslinch Township feels voice being drowned out on water taking issue

by Mike Robinson.

Puslinch councillors are not impressed with a the timing of a Bottled Water Technical Guidance document posted to Ontario Environmental Registry.

The issue arose at the Dec. 21 council session just weeks after council sent the province a letter drafted by its hydrogeologist regarding the provincial moratorium on new and expanded water bottling permits.

Councillor John Sepulis suggested the township resubmit the letter from Stan Denhoed, which outlined the township’s concerns with the moratorium and the process.

“I find it very disingenuous that they asked us for comments (on the moratorium) by Dec. 5, then within a week come out with this document,” Sepulis said.

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  1. No surprise here from our Provincial Government. They use no science ,Internet junk science it seems,Great opportunity for another tax grab , loss of jobs ,and increase of cost of living , This par for the course as they say for the Liberals.

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