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Puslinch Taxpayers Hit Hard as Gravel Pits Get Reduction In Property Taxes


Puslinch, with 14 pits, was hit the hardest with $2.4 million less in tax revenue.

Wellington County and its member municipalities have taken a $6 million hit because of changes to how gravel pits are assessed for property taxes – a shortfall now being made up by other taxpayers.

The gravel industry had been appealing tax calculations dating back to 2009, and in 2016, Ontario’s Municipal Property Assessment Corporation agreed to a settlement that slashed tax revenue for Erin and many other municipalities.

“It’s totally unfair to rural taxpayers,” said Mayor Al Alls, after a presentation from Wellington staff at a County Council meeting on Monday this week. “The gravel companies are not paying their share of taxes.”

“The bottom line is that most County pits were valued between $40,000 to $50,000 an acre and now the same pits would be valued at less than $10,000 an acre,” said County Councillor Pierre Brianceau.

“A one-acre residential lot and mid-sized home will now pay more tax than a 94 acre gravel pit,” said Town Councillor Jeff Duncan, referring to the presentation in the Jan. 9 County agenda, available at wellington.ca.

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