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To the Muslim Society of Guelph

Today I was presented a beautiful award for the volunteer work for last year welcoming our refugees into our community. Our campaign that tried to help this great cause was called “Puslinch Supporting Refugees”. I accept this award on behalf of all the amazing volunteers in our great Township of Puslinch. Without them this would not have been possible on our end and I thank them all.

When we placed donation boxes across our Township, they filled up at a rate of one full bin each day. When the call went out to pick up these bins, we did not have to wait more than ten minutes for a volunteer to respond for a “pick up” and to deliver them to the storage facilities in Guelph. As we all know this has been the result of so many committed individuals, churches, groups, Provincial and Federal agencies, etc. We live in the greatest Country in the world and our strength is built on our diversity and we will build bridges not walls. We will celebrate this gift every day. The fundamental of life is so simple and I compare it to a daily act we can all do. Our daily life is like tossing small pebbles into a still pond of water and will ripple to all edges. Choose to throw a pebble that is positive each day, this positive energy will ripple throughout our Universe. In life we can only toss a certain amount of pebbles, so make all of them all count and make life a wonderful journey.

Being am immigrant myself I know a bit how difficult it can be to move to a different Country. But my message to all our new Canadians is this, “If you have a dream, willing to work hard and have no fear. Canada is the Country where your dreams will come true”

Sincerely Yours,

William Knetsch

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  1. I thank Puslinch Today for posting my letter to the Muslim Society of Guelph. It is so important especially what just occurred in Quebec yesterday and the policies put out by the Trump administration in regards to refugees and the restriction placed on certain Muslim countries. That we shine a light on our community that we are a community of great people. That we will show, hope, compassion, support, love and understanding. That we as a community will reach out our hands to anyone in need. Regardless of skin colour, religious beliefs, etc. That is who we are and can all be proud of.

    William Knetsch

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