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Support for Muslim Community

To the leadership of our Community,

I posted this letter on my Facebook today. I urge our leaders of our community to support us on Friday. Thank you all for your support on this extreme tragedy that has unfolded in our own Country.

Last Monday at least a thousand of our friends and neighbours came to show their support and solidarity at the mosque in Guelph, Ontario. As we grieve those lost in the awful tragedy in Quebec City. Below is an another invitation From the Muslim Society of Guelph for this coming Friday. We as Canadians will stand and support our Mulsim brothers as one. Canada our great Nation will condone any such hate and violence against anyone regardless of race, colour of skin, religious belief, etc. We are proud people and will live together in peace and harmony as united Canadians. We will not be moved by hate, violence, bigotry, fear, Presidential Executive Immigration Orders, etc.

William Knetsch


Muslim Society of Guelph

Dear Bill

We are organizing another service on Friday, February 3, 2017 at 3:00 PM at Water Street, Guelph.


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