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Is it any wonder taxes are SO HIGH & Taxpayers are SO JADED?

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County trademarks name ‘Live and Work Wellington’

Below are some excerpts from an excellent article by Patrick Raftis of the Wellington Advertiser.

Is it any wonder at all, after reading this full article here, why our county taxes are so high? If you haven’t read the full article I would encourage you to. It gives some good insight into how the government works and spends your money.

I’d have to laugh if it wasn’t just so insanely sad…

Kevin Johnson

by Patrick Raftis.

Wellington County is taking steps to protect its brand, including trademarking the name for its jobs and housing web portal: “Live and Work Wellington.”

“The County of Wellington would like to protect the trademark ‘Live and Work Wellington’ to ensure that it is available to the county to use as it wishes in all of its relevant publications and programs,” stated communications manager Andrea Ravensdale in a report to the county’s economic development committee.

“It also wishes to put third parties on notice of the fact that ‘Live and Work Wellington’ is a trademark owned by the county and should not be adopted by others.”


Ravensdale’s report, presented to Wellington County council on Feb. 23, notes variations of the phrase “Live and Work” have been used by member municipalities within the county.

In 2015, the Towns of Minto and Erin, along with the Townships of Centre Wellington and Wellington North, created their own job and housing web portal, called www.liveandworkwellington.ca. Each municipality also created a portal using “live and work” followed by their own municipal name or abbreviation for their own municipal web portals.

At the January county council meeting, Centre Wellington Mayor Kelly Linton expressed concern that member municipalities would have to get permission from the county to utilize their own “Live and Work” promotions. Council referred the matter back to staff and the economic development committee for clarification.

“In order to ensure consistent branding and that it maintains control over the use of its Official Mark,” the report states the county will require municipalities wishing to link to the county’s “Live and Work Wellington” portal or use the “Live and Work Wellington” Official Mark, to do so with the consent of the county and in accordance with its use guidelines.

* highlighting, bold, italic etc. are my own, not part of the original article.

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