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Book Fundraiser A Huge Success!

Books Donated


Thank you to everyone who came out to Chapters in support of our library!

Despite the delay in the store’s construction process you showed up as a community to make the Aberfoyle Family Fundraiser a HUGE success!

We are waiting on the final numbers but when I left [Tuesday] night at 9:30, our community was responsible for $4000 in sales!!

In addition, over $500 worth of books were donated directly to our library! I have attached a picture of the books we have been given.

Many thanks to Meghan Davey for spearheading this campaign!

In an effort to acknowledge the impact of the construction and reduced product on the floor, the manager at Chapters has agreed to secure us a date in the first week of December for next year!!!

Thank you again for your support!

~ Ms. Sunega

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