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Guelph Gets Green Light For Niska Road Improvements

Niska Road
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Glenn Murray has announced that a higher level of environmental assessment (EA) is not needed to move forward with the reconstruction of Niska Road and replacement of the bridge.

“We’re very pleased Minister Murray is satisfied with the level of environmental assessment we’ve undertaken to thoroughly study the Niska Road area and fully understand our community’s concerns,” stated Guelph general manager and city engineer Kealy Dedman in a press release.

“We’re now ready to proceed with the much needed improvements to Niska Road that support Guelph’s safe and efficient transportation system.”

The project was originally approved by council in 2015.

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie said, “It is unfortunate that we’ve lost two construction seasons while awaiting this decision initiated by the Part II Order requests.

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