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Puslinch council rejects 75% rental discount rate for Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market

In a recorded 3-1 vote, Puslinch council has turned down a proposed 75 per cent discount for the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Association to rent the Optimist Recreation Centre (ORC).

Township staff reviewed the agreement and modified it to reflect current practices and standards for agreements of this nature. The market board was to review the proposed agreement at its meeting on April 12.

The agreement would extend the use of the arena pad for 23 consecutive Saturdays, starting Victoria Day, from 8am to 2pm for an additional four years.

Councillor Susan Fielding questioned how the township could justify providing a 75% discount for one group and not another.

Lever said the 75% discount was given to non-profit groups to rent facilities in non-prime hours, whereas, “To me this would be setting up a separate agreement with this organization for a long period of time.”

He pointed out that even at a 50% reduction, the group would be paying considerably less than the full fee….

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