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Enver’s Owner Says Puslinch Planning Paying Off In Morriston

envers of morriston
Hello Everyone,

It has been an incredibly rainy and wet spring in our area this year. Because of Puslinch Council, the recommendation and proper planning from Don Creed (Puslinch Road Department) and the Halton Conservation Authority, also the support from our local residents, we are keeping our flooding conditions under control in Morriston Ontario. If it were not for the investment made to upgrade the road infrastructure on Calfass Road last year. Our back yards would have become “lake” conditions at this time. Knowing this was an expensive project for the Township to approve and undertake, under the budget restriction the Township had to deal with at the time. I want to thank you all once again for your courage, vision and support on behalf of the village of Morriston. Not only has this project improved and contained flooding and debris run-off problems from Highway #6 and Badenoch Road, it has also stopped the eroding conditions that were taking place on the Calfass Roadway.

We have also taken another huge step towards improving our street scape and landscape of this wonderful village. I want to encourage you all to continue and complete the items still remaining to be done and recommended on the Morriston Street Scape Study, presented by the Wellington County Planning Department and supported by the Community Improvement Project Survey. To budget accordingly over the next few years to implement these items, as we all look forward to the completion of the Morriston by-pass in 2023. To work together with the MTO, County of Wellington and our Township of Puslinch throughout this short time frame. To create and complete wonderful gateways into our great Township of Puslinch Ontario, through the villages of Morriston and Aberfoyle. That we can all be proud of these achievements for generations to follow.

Sincerely Yours,

Bill Knetsch

Editor’s Note: Below are links where you can download PDF copies of Mr. Knetsch’s Community Improvement Project Survey and the Morriston/Highway 6 Streetscape Strategy documents. We’d like to thank Mr. Knetsch for providing these documents and for his letter.

Download the Community Improvement Project Survey

Download the Morriston/Highway 6 Streetscape Strategy

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