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Puslinch Council Never Discussed Closing Aberfoyle Farmers Market

by Mike Robinson.

Puslinch council’s recent discussion on the renewal of a lease agreement with the Aberfoyle Market Association resulted in a misconception.

On May 17, councillors reviewed a letter from Lois Shewfelt, who was concerned about the potential closure of the Aberfoyle Farmer’s Market. Shewfelt wrote she was horrified to read in the Wellington Advertiser that council was considering closing the Aberfoyle Farmers Market. However, that was not what the story conveyed.

The Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market requested a 75% discount to the rental fee for the Optimist Recreation Centre. The market was being asked to pay 66% of the rental rate.

Councillor Susan Fielding said, “Unfortunately Shewfelt misconstrued the story. I don’t think there was ever any conversation about closing the market.”

Mayor Lever stated, “there is misinformation in her belief that council was closing the market. We have never talked about that.”

He explained any decision would be up to the organization running the market.

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